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Con el final de la USPA Monty Waterbury, se fue una tremenda temporada en Mayaca

La última 18 goles de una exitosa temporada de polo en el Port Mayaca Polo Club. La USPA Monty Waterbury fue el cierre de tres mes a puro polo con actividad en todos los niveles. Se jugó desde el sábado 3 hasta el sábado 17 de abril. Participaron cuatro fuertes equipos y resultó campeón Old Hickory Bourbon (Cody Ellis, Santino Magrini, Matias Magrini, Stevie Orthwein), tras vencer en la final por 8 a 7 a Postage Stamp Farm. Fue un pleito sumamente parejo. En el quinto chukker, Santino Magrini empató el juego en 7 tantos y Stevie Orthwein le dio a Old Hickory su primera ventaja del juego, que logró mantener para consagrase ganador del torneo.

MVP: Santino Magrini

Best Playing Pony: Sapphire- Facundo Obregon

Old Hickory Bourbon, winner of the 2021 Monty Waterbury 18 Goal!!

For the second 18 Goal Final this season, Postage Stamp Farm (Annabelle Gundlach, Facundo Obregon, Matias Gonzalez and Mariano Aguerre) faced off against Old Hickory Bourbon (Cody Ellis, Santino Magrini, Matias Magrini, Stevie Orthwein).

PSF came out on fire, with back to back field goals by Annabelle to start the game. Old Hickory scored two in the second to tie 2-all. But both goals were answered by PSF's Facundo Obregon from the penalty line. In the third chukker, Postage Stamp continue to put goals on the board, to lead at the half 6-3.

Old Hickory Bourbon rallied in the second half, with a huge fourth chukker, A goal by Cody Ellis and two for MVP Santino Magrini, answered by Obregon with a field goal to hold the lead for PSF 7-6. In the fifth chukker, Santino Magrini tied the game 7 all, and Stevie Orthwein gave Old Hickory their first lead of the game to go into the last chukker ahead 8-7. A very stop and go final chukker with opportunites for both teams, but in the end, each team held the other out, ending the game 8-7.

MVP: Santino Magrini

Best Playing Pony: Sapphire- Facundo Obregon

Postage Stamp Farm: Annabelle Gundlach 0, Facundo Obregon 6, Matias Gonzalez 4, Mariano Aguerre 8.

Old Hickory Bourbon: TBA 3, Santino Magrini 4. Matías Magrini 7, Stevie Orthwein 4.

Iconica: Maureen Breennan 1, Magoo Laprida 8, Juan Cruz Marcos 3, Mariano González 6.

Bushwood: Mike Davis 0, Tommy Panelo 6, Kris Kampsen 6, Henry Porter 4.


Sat 4/3 4pm Iconica 6 vs Old Hickory Bourbon 7

Mon 4/5 4pm Postage Stamp Farm 11 vs Bushwood 10 in OT

Fri 4/9 Postage Stamp Farm 8 vs Iconica 5

Fri 4/9 Old Hickory Bourbon 12 vs Bushwood 9

Wed 4/14 Postage Stamp Farm defeated Old Hickory Bourbon (7-7, game decided on a coin toss)

Thu 4/15 Subsidiary Final Iconica and Bushwood ended in a tie, and opted to end the game as a draw (12-12) Saturday, April 17th FINAL of Monty Waterbury 18 Goal and End of Season BBQ

4pm Old Hickory Bourbon 8 vs Postage Stamp Farm 7

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