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US Women’s Open Championship: Hawaii Polo Life did it again

The most prestigious cup in women's polo in the United States, the U.S. Open Women's Polo Championship ended on Saturday, March 19 at the International Polo Club Palm Beach (IPC) in Wellington, Florida. Preliminary games were played in Port Mayaca Polo Club (PMPC) in Okeechobee, Florida. Versión en español Pictures: La Dolfina IG, David Lominska, Port Mayaca & Alex Pacheco

This year's edition of U.S. Open Women's Polo Championship, presented by Eastern Hay and Icon Source benefiting Susan G. Komen, had five talented teams.

Three-time champion Hawaii Polo Life continues to dominate the 22-goal women's polo scene in the U.S. This year they beat Blue Water 8-3 in the final to win the title again, with Hazel Jackson as the MVP. Leading from start to finish, Hawaii Polo Life controlled possession from the opening throw-in to outshoot Blue Water 17-6. With few penalty shots for either team, the game was primarily decided in open play where 10-goaler Hazel Jackson excelled with three goals and four assists to contribute on all but one of her team’s goals. Utilizing exceptional horsepower, Hawaii Polo Life’s built a large lead behind a defense that was equally as strong, limiting Blue Water to just one field goal in the game. With the dominant performance, Hawaii Polo Life completed the five-goal victory to return to the winner’s circle at IPC. Pictures of the final, by Alex Pacheco / IPC

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HAWAII POLO LIFE: Cecily Coors 0, Pamela Flanagan 4, Mia Cambiaso 8, Hazel Jackson 10.

DUNDAS: Sarah Siegel-Magness 2, Jewel Gregoncza 2, Hope Arellano 8, Nina Clarkin 10.

G-STRING POLO PONIES: Gillian Johnston 6, Danielle Lussi 3, Lia Salvo 9. Heather Souto 4.

BLUE WATER: Sophie Grant 5, Kylie Sheehan 5, Izzy Parsons 8, Meghan Shader Jumet 4.

BTA/THE VILLAGES: Paige Boone 6, Alyson Poor 4, KC Krueger 6, Tiffany Busch 6.

Port Mayaca

March 07 - BTA/The Village 5 vs. Dundas 6

March 07 - Hawaii PL 5 vs. Blue Water 4

March 10 - BTA/The Village 8 vs- G-String 9

March 12 - Blue Water 8 vs- G-String PP 7

March 12 - Dundas 5 vs. Hawaii PL 9

March 16 - Semifinal 1 - 11.30am Dundas 5 vs. Hawaii PL 11

March 16 - Semifinal 2 - 3pm Blue Water 5 vs. G-String 4


March 19 - Final - 2pm

Hawaii PL 8 vs. Blue Water 3 3-0, 5-0, 6-1, 7-1, 8-3.

MVP: Hazel Jackson

BPP: Bionica by Mia Cambiaso

Versión en español Hawaii Polo Life lo hizo de nuevo

La copa más prestigiosa del polo femenino en Estados Unidos, el U.S. Open Women's Polo Championship, finalizó el sábado 19 de marzo en el International Polo Club Palm Beach (IPC) en Wellington, Florida. Los partidos preliminares y las semifinales se jugaron en el Port Mayaca Polo Club (PMPC) en Okeechobee, Florida.

La edición de este año del U.S. Open Women's Polo Championship, presentado por Eastern Hay e Icon Source a beneficio de Susan G. Komen, contó con cinco talentosos equipos.

El tricampeón Hawaii Polo Life sigue dominando la escena del polo femenino de 22 goles en EE.UU. Este año venció a Blue Water por 8-3 en la final para volver a ganar el título. El equipo de Hawaii Polo Life controló la posesión desde el primer minuto y el partido se decidió principalmente en el juego abierto, con Hazel Jackson como figura y con tres goles y cuatro asistencias para contribuir a todos los tantos de su equipo.

Fotos: La Dolfina IG, David Lominska y Port Mayaca

Pictures by Port Mayaca PC

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