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Rebekah Greenhill, Bill Ballhaus and the growth of the Virginia Polo League


The Virginia United Polo League, founded by Marcos Bignoli, Juan Ghirlanda and Tolito Fernández Ocampo, with the support of Bill Balhaus and Rebekah Greenhills, is a series of tournament that are growing very quickly in Virginia, and it is comprised by an anual season that runs through June to September, for teams between 6 and 12 goals.

The League have currently several organizations playing such as Beverly Equestrian and Greenhill Stables, and it was established to unify polo in Kingland, Foxlease and Beverly, in Virginia, and it is sponsored by Greenhill, which is a "farm winery in Middleburg, Virginia. The winery got involved with polo by sponsoring the local polo events, which eventually turned into team sponsorships, and now as players", explains Rebekah, who is in charge of the marketing of the League, to Prensa Polo.

"2020 is the inaugural season for the Virginia United Polo league and we could not be happier about how the season has unfolded", states Bill Ballhaus to Prensa Polo. "The fundamental concept behind the Virginia Polo League was to put a unified approach together to polo in Virginia in order to create a better organized, more competitive, highly inclusive, and enjoyable polo experience for all Virginia players. Central to our approach was bringing together participating clubs in the area so that tournaments and practices could be organized and allocated across the different clubs in an integrated manner, as opposed to the historical fragmented approach where individual clubs organized separate tournaments with limited participation in each".

And he adds: "The level of participation in our inaugural season has been spectacular. VUP has organized polo tournaments at levels of play ranging from a 0-6 Goal Open League and 6, 8, and 12 goal competitive tournaments. In August alone, we have 25 teams competing across four different levels of play and 6 tournaments including the USPA National 8 Goal and Intra-Circuit 12 Goal Tournaments".

Bill, what is the major aim for the league? How is the Virginia Polo League composed and what are the current aims and development?

The basic goal behind the Virginia United Polo League is to develop and grow polo in Virginia. We are looking to offer an enjoyable and organized polo experience, expand the number of teams and players, offer various levels of play, and create an inclusive environment that exposes and develops new players.