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Habtoor Polo Sweeps the IFZA Silver Cup 2021

The first tournament of the Dubai Polo Gold Cup Series concluded with spectacular wins for Zedan Polo and Habtoor Polo teams. Day by day: Bangash Polo team faced UAE Polo at the first game followed by Habtoor Polo against IFZA - Mahra Polo team. The second day of the IFZA Silver Cup 2021 delivered a thrilling match between Zedan Polo team and Dubai Wolves. The action continued on Field 3 of Al Habtoor Polo Resort and Club on January 25 as two teams went head to head on the third day: Habtoor Polo Defeats UAE Polo. Zedan Polo and Bangash Polo Teams Win on the Fourth Day. The fifth day was a victorious day for Bangash Polo team as it smashed the competition and closed the game at 11 goals to 7.5.

The last of the qualifying matches concluded with a win for UAE Polo and Habtoor Polo teams. The IFZA Silver Cup 2021 The IFZA Silver Cup 2021 semifinals concluded with a win for Habtoor Polo and UAE Polo teams on the grounds of Al Habtoor Polo Resort and Club.

Teams Bangash Polo: Jacinto Crotto 7, Benjamin Panelo 6, Haider Bangash 0, Federico Von Potobsky 5.

Habtoor Polo: Facundo Sola 9, Juan Jauretche 6, Mohammed Al Habtoor 0, Félix Esaín 3.

UAE Polo: HH Sheikha Maitha 0, Lucas Monteverde (n) 3, Tomas Panelo 7, Guillermo Willington 7.

IFZA Mahra: Isidro Strada 7, Rashid Al Habtoor 0, Segundo Amadori 4, Jacinto Amadori 5.

Dubai Wolves by CAFU: Tommy Beresford 6, Alejandro Muzzio 8, Kian Hall 3, Habtoor Al Habtoor 1.

Zedan Polo: Jerónimo Del Carril 7, Manuel Plaza 6, Amr Zedan 0, Simón Prado 5.

Fixture & Results

22/1 Bangash 5 vs UAE Polo 7.5

22/1 Habtoor Polo 8 vs IFZA Mahra 5.5

23/1 Zedan Polo 7 vs Dubai Wolves by CAFU 10

25/1 Habtoor Polo 7 vs UAE Polo 3.5

26/1 Zedan Polo 10 vs IFZA Mahra 6.5

26/1 Bangash 10 vs Dubai Wolves by CAFU 8

29/1 Bangash 11 vs IFZA Mahra 7.5

30/1 Zedan Polo 5.5 vs UAE Polo 12

30/1 Habtoor Polo 11 vs Dubai Wolves by CAFU 6

2/2 Semifinals Habtoor Polo 9 vs Dubai Wolves by CAFU 8

Bangash Polo 6 vs UAE Polo 12 5/2 Final - Habtoor Polo 11 vs UAE Polo 8.5 Subsidiary Final - Zedan 9 vs. IFZA-Mahra Polo 6

Day #8 - Finals - Habtoor Polo Sweeps the IFZA Silver Cup 2021

The Hildon Cup Subsidiary match between Zedan Polo and IFZA-Mahra Polo opened with a goal from Segundo Amadorri but, Zedan quickly grabbed the lead as Amr Zedan, team patron, and Jeronimo del Carril scored 3 goals for the team. The team kept the momentum going during the second chukker and created a four-goal advantage. The penultimate chukker saw Tariq Al Habtoor score one for IFZA-Mahra followed by another goal from

Isidro Strada. However, Zedan kept the lead through to the end of the fifth chukker, closing the game at 9 goals to 6. Match Progression: 3 - 1 | 7 - 3 | 8 -4 | 9 - 6 | 9 - 6 Top scorer: Jeronimo del Carril, 5 goals

Habtoor Polo team faced the formidable UAE Polo team at the final match with Guillermo Willington who grabbed the lead for UAE Polo during the first chukker. Facundo Sola delivered two consecutive penalty goals that shifted the advantage to Habtoor Polo. Spectators witnessed an excellent last-second goal from Felix Esain during the third chukker after he stole the ball from Tomas Panel and drove in a neck shot from 60 yards. UAE Polo inched ahead with their half-point

as Lucas Monteverde Jr. and Willington scored mid-chukker. But the 2 goals from Facu plus Felix' backshot save from a penalty shot that he missed, kept Habtoor Polo's spirits up that continued through the final chukker. The game ended at 11 goals to 8.5 in favour of Habtoor Polo. Match Progression: 1 - 2.5 | 4 - 3.5 | 6 - 4.5 | 9 - 6.5 | 11 - 8.5 Top scorer: Facundo Sola, 7 goals Martin Pedersen, Chairman of International Free Zone Authority awarded the teams of the day with Facundo Sola as the Most Valuable Player and Nobu, ridden by Tomas Panelo as the Best Playing Pony.

The last two chukkers determined the win for UAE Polo as Tomas Panelo and Lucas Monteverde Jr. scored a total of six goals closing the game with a 6.5 goal advantage.

Match Progression: 3.5 - 2 | 4.5 - 3| 6.5 - 5 | 9.5 - 6 | 12 - 6.5