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Barriere Deauville Polo Cup, el mejor plan para agosto en Francia

La renombrada Barrière Deauville Polo Cup y su legendaria Copa de Oro, son una parada obligatoria en el circuito internacional. El Deauville International Polo Club y sus grandes canchas en el corazón del hipódromo Deauville-La Touques, donde el polo ya se jugaba a finales del siglo XIX, son definitivamente parte del patrimonio mundial del polo. Como cada año, allí se jugarán cuatro torneos del 7 al 29 de agosto.

La Copa de Plata arrancará el 7 de agosto, abriendo así la temporada 2021 de Deauville. El día 11, será el turno femenino de jugar con la Ladies Cup. La Copa de Bronce, en tanto, está pautada para el 16 de agosto, al mismo tiempo que la Copa Oro.

Este año, en la Copa Oro, habrá al menos cinco jugadores de hándicap 7 o más que jugarán en Deauville antes de volar a la gran temporada argentina a través de Chantilly: Martincito Aguerre (Arg, Barrière), Tommy Beresford (Chi, Talandracas), Juan Gris Zavaleta (Arg, Le Pommeray) junto a Rufino Bensadon (Arg, 17 años) y Camilo Castagnola (Talandracas), también de 17 años y con 8 de hándicap (9 en Argentina). Los otros tres equipos de esta Copa de Oro han apostado más bien por el equilibrio introduciendo jugadores con hándicaps más homogéneos (4, 5 y 6). Entre ellos se encuentran los dos mejores franceses (en 6 goles): Pierre Henri N'Goumou (Mungo) y Brieuc Rigaux (Britanny Polo). Los Dragones, liderados por el nuevo talento francés Sam Sztarkman, contarán con tres jugadores argentinos con 5 de hándicap.

No hay un lugar más festivo y simple para vivir el polo que Deauville en agosto!

Barrière Deauville Polo Cup: not to be missed! Press release, Tuesday, June 8. The famous Barrière Deauville Polo Cup, and in particular its legendary Gold Cup, is a must-see on the international circuit. The Deauville International Polo Club and its legendary grounds in the heart of the Deauville-La Touques racecourse, where polo was already played at the end of the 19th century, are definitely part of the polo world heritage. Like every year, four tournaments will be played there from August 7 to 29.

In Argentina, the land of polo, Deauville is as much talked about as Palm Beach, Windsor, Cowdray and Sotogrande, major tournaments outside of Argentina every player wants to add to their name. We remember the words of Facundo Pieres, winner of the Argentinian Open, who, winning for the first time in Deauville in 2009 with André Fabre's team (In The Wings), basically said: “at least that's done!” Most of the world’s greatest players have added this win to their record, starting with Adolfo Cambiaso, arguably the best player of all time. He was 19 then and is 46 now and still remains the world No. 1. This year, in the Gold Cup, there will be at least five players of handicap 7 or more, who will play in Deauville before flying off to the great Argentine season via Chantilly: Martin Aguerre Jr (Arg, Barrière), winner of the Copa Camara, Tommy Beresford (Chi, Talandracas) finalist of the Copa Camara, Juan-Gris Zavaleta (Arg, Le Pommeray), a regular of the Argentine Open alongside Rufino Bensadon (Arg, 17 years old), again a winner of the Copa Camara and recent winner of the Prince of Wales Trophy in England where he was awarded MVP of the final. The public of Deauville knows him well as they have seen him win the Gold Cup in 2018. Last, but not least, one of the three young phenomena of Argentine polo, Camilo Castagnola (Talandracas), also 17 years old and already handicap 8 (9 even in Argentina), semi-finalist of the Argentine Open last year. He alone can put on a great show!

The other three teams in this Golden Cup have rather bet on balance by entering players with more homogeneous handicaps (4, 5 and 6). Among them are the two best French handicaps 6: Pierre Henri N’Goumou (Mungo) and Brieuc Rigaux (Britanny Polo). Los Dragones, led by French new talent Sam Sztarkman, will have three Argentinian players with handicap 5. Six beautiful teams that will be seen again in September in the French Open. Most of these teams will have previously "warmed up" in the Silver Cup, a title (almost) no less prestigious, which will kick off on August 7, thus opening the Deauville 2021 season (final on August 15). On the 11th, it will be the women’s turn to play with the Ladies Cup. The Bronze Cup will start on August 16, at the same time as the Gold Cup. Eight teams are engaged in this tournament highlighting French players. Despite the prestige of these competitions, the ambition of the Deauville International Polo Club is to be resolutely open and it does everything in its power to welcome as many people as possible. This is why access to the games, in Deauville, but also in Dozulé where the picturesque and charming field will reopen this year, is completely free during the week. Tickets are only needed for the finals and the weekend games. The public is welcomed in a friendly village where it is possible to linger after the games, have a drink or do some shopping, such as in the MAISON DÉCALÉ store for example, and even meet the always affable players. Side events are also part of the program, such as the traditional parades in town on the eve of the finals, beach-polo sessions at low tide or kids-polo exhibition games at the opening of the finals. There is not a more festive and more "simple" place to discover and tame the oldest team sport than in Deauville in August and therefore it is not to be missed!

Practical information: Hippodrome Deauville - La Touques Rates : Free during the week (except on August 27th, Bronze Cup final) 10€ during the weekend and 20€ for the finals Infos and Program : www.deauvillepoloclub.com


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